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Aarti & Sharad, a Husband-Wife duo, brought together, by creating Orchid Enterprises Outfit Pvt Ltd, 15 years ago, years of experience of Aarti, as a Life Style Designer and connoisseur of Fine Arts, her finely honed aesthetics is today reflected in every creation under the label of Orchid Enterprises Outfit Pvt Ltd. Hailing from a traditional Business family, Sharad has brought to Orchid his years of training as a hands-on professional in the fashion Industry and innate business acumen, and together, they have forged a heartfelt desire to create an everlasting impact in the burgeoning fashion industry. A finely honed sense of aesthetics, a sharp eye for details and quality consciousness and a pragmatic approach to creation and execution, has made every product of Orchid Enterprises Outfit Pvt Ltd, appeal to the most discerning pan-global clientele. The long association of Orchid Enterprises Outfit Pvt Ltd with most of its loyal Clientele, across the world, today’s lays credence to the fact to the infinite care taken in the creation of each and every product under the Orchid Label.

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Address: B 122, Sector 65,Noida UP – 201301

Email: info@orchident.net

Phone: +91-1204225842

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